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Turtle Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
Turtle Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
Turtle Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
Turtle Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY


Turtle Necklace

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The Turtle Necklace is colorful and stylish. I elevated the look and feel of howlite and cat eye beads with gold hematite, coral and amber accents and a Tibetan brass turtle and hamsa pendant. This stylish necklace is both a great addition to your look and offers you protection and good luck!

Turtles are a popular good luck charm and symbolize long life, wisdom and endurance. In Feng Shui, turtles are associated withwealth as well.

Hamsa is a symbol of good luck and protection. People who wear hamsa are believed to be protected from ill intent. When facing down, hamsa is said to invite good luck, fertility, and abundance in one's life. Hamsa facing down is also called the Varada Mudra, and is also believed to invite answers to prayers and manifestations.

You can also pair the Turtle Necklace with one of our one of a kind women's bracelets.

I personally handcraft each piece, making them one of a kind. Each piece is unique like we all are...


  • White Howlite Stone Beads
  • Brown Cat Eye Beads
  • Orange Coral Beads
  • Large Amber Beads
  • Gold Hematite Stone Beads
  • Tibetan Brass Turtle
  • Silver Hamsa Pendant.

Handmade in the US

Life is too short to live without the Turtle Necklace. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 24, 2021