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           I always believed that there are no coincidences in life. My journey from a small seaside town near Troy to oceans away in the US shaped me and my beliefs in many different ways.

My name is Ebru.

        The energy of colors and stones helped me in so many ways…Producing and sharing what I create… A new path… And I followed that path! I followed that mysterious path… Presenting my creations, my jewelry is special for me!

Ebru means art. Like I said, there are no coincidence in life.

Life is too short! Too short to live someone else’s life, too short to live for others and too short just to fit “their” mold!

        When you start to live your life just like others and fit their mold you don’t even realize that your connection with life is getting weak, you start to lose your identity and one day you don’t even know who you are anymore!

Be open minded! Be courageous! The doors will always open in front of you…

I always chose to be myself… and it is tough at times!

        People react differently to me because I was different… At times they made me feel like I didn’t belong! I always had a “different” style! My lifestyle… Hairstyle… Always different! I didn’t do this to be different or to be perfect; all I want to be is; me and happy!

        I am a Mother… a Wife … But first and foremost, I am always ME! I am a biker… I love to ride, the freedom, wind in my hair. My blue hair for my love of colors! It’s not about the age, or the “right time”. It is about being persistent to follow our dreams.

It is about living life to the fullest, about believing in love and its undisputable curing power.

SO, THIS IS ALL ME…The energy of my experiences, and life in my jewelry, and colors. All unique and different!

Just like all of us; my pieces, stones are all one of a kind …

Because there is only one YOU and there is only one ME.

That’s why I design and create “One of a kind pieces”

Belongs to its owner… Belongs to YOU...




Ebru Burcu