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Why do you need to have unique jewelry that only belongs to you?

  As I have mentioned in my story my journey starts from a small town near Troy to oceans away to the USA shaped me and my beliefs along the way in many different ways. You all have so many different life stories on your own and that makes all of you one and unique. Your jewelry should also need to be like no one else's. It will be one of a kind. Having a customized piece of jewelry means that you are involved in every step of the process.  Each jewelry piece is worked upon very precisely, using the highest quality of stones and pieces that I have collected around the world, creating something that is flawless and has a unique energy.   Here are more reasons why you should try Ebru Jewelry, Uniqueness...

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Why Do Woman Wear Jewelry?

In order to answer this question, it is important to know in which circumstances it has appeared. The first jewelry pieces appeared around 100 000 years ago, during the times, in which men have been mainly thinking about survival. This may surprise you, taking into account, that jewelry is apparently not something we need to survive – it may seem, that it is a luxury, which we could spend time on after meeting a number of other, more basic needs. To our ancestors, jewelry served five functions: religious, symbolic, to show social status, usage and as a decoration. They believed in the magic hidden in jewelry, in the form of talismans and amulets. It has been used as an offering...

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Ebru Jewelry | Gallery

  If you ask me which rock is should be "your rock"..i 'd tell you that only YOU have that responsibility is to find those special rocks,crystals and beads and bring you together.       Your rock is the one that "winks " at will be the one calling you in vast will whisper to you that it is right then..just don't lose that moment of call.       It will be the one that belongs to you and that you need..that calls your name

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