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Love Of Color Bracelets - EBRU JEWELRY
Love Of Color Bracelets - EBRU JEWELRY
Love Of Color Bracelets - EBRU JEWELRY


Love Of Color Bracelets

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Add some sparkle to your style with the Love Of Color Bracelets. This fun design features lapis lazuli, druzy agate, purple jade and colorful hematite beads with silver plated charms to pull it all together. These bracelets look great both worn together or one at a time with their vibrant colors and eye catching style.

Purple Jade helps people dispel negative energies and thoughts and have a more joyful outlook on life. This stone will help you to loosen up, be more open minded and "go with the flow".  It also helps with discernment and understand thoughts, feelings and information.

Lapis Lazuli is a vibrant blue stone that's commonly worn for protection. This stone resonates with the throat and third eye chakras, bringing the wearer greater self knowledge, and encourages honesty and compassion. Therefore it helps with finding inner peace and encouraging confidence and creativity.

Agate is a very powerful crystal with many healing properties. It eliminates negativity, and cleanses & stabilizes your aura. Agate can boost your mental function, enhance your concentration and critical thinking skills and is therefore great for improving performance at work. It can also soothe and calm inner tension and anger, bringing the wearer a sense of safety and security.

You can also pair the Love Of Color Bracelets with one of our one of a kind women's necklaces.

I personally hand craft each piece, making them one of a kind and meaningful...Each piece is unique like we all are..


  • Blue Lapis Lazuli Stone Beads
  • Druzy Agate Stone Beads
  • Arrow Colorful Hematite
  • Silver Plated Charm
  • Purple Jade Beads
  • Druzy Agate Beads
  • Colorful Hematite Spacers 
  • Silver Plated Swarovski Charm Bead
  • Bracelet sizes 6.5"

Each bracelet is only one size as they're made to be one of a kind but I can adjust it if it's not suitable for your wrist.

Handmade in the US

The Love Of Color Bracelets was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 23, 2021