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Third Eye Bracelet - EBRU JEWELRY
Third Eye Bracelet - EBRU JEWELRY
Third Eye Bracelet - EBRU JEWELRY


Third Eye Bracelet

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The Third Eye Bracelet is stylish and perfect for lovers of chunky jewelry with vibrant red Nepal coral beads and a big eye resin bead as the centerpiece. This carefully crafted bracelet is the perfect addition to your style and also great for some extra good vibes and protection.

Coral is a symbol of joy and happiness. It can reduce stress, fears and nightmares and attracts prosperity and success to the wearer. These crystals are very helpful if you deal with high amounts of stress in your life, especially related to your interpersonal relationships and career.

Eye beads of any kind are believed to protect the wearer from ill intent and bring good fortune. One eyed Tibetan eye beads are believed to increase wisdom and critical thinking, and bring upon success to the wearer.

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I personally hand craft each piece, making them one of a kind and meaningful...Each piece is unique like we all are..


  • Vintage Old Red Sherpa Nepal Coral Beads
  • Black & White Tibetan Eye Bone Beads
  • Tiny Orange Crystal Beads
  • Black &White Big Eye Resin Bead
  • Bracelet size 6.5"

Each bracelet is only one size as they are made to be one of a kind but I can adjust it for you if it's not suitable for your wrist.

Handmade in the US

Life is too short to live without the Third Eye Bracelet. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 22, 2021