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New Beginnings Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
New Beginnings Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
New Beginnings Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
New Beginnings Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
New Beginnings Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
New Beginnings Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
New Beginnings Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY


New Beginnings Necklace

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The New Beginnings Necklace will bring good vibes and a stylish touch to any woman's wardrobe. The vibrant green colors will bring good fortune and energy as the color green symbolizes rebirth, renewal and a fresh start, and the elephant and Om mantra beads and pendant will help you get in touch with your spiritual side and bring blessings when you wear this necklace. Like all my other pieces I designed this necklace to be both stylish and meaningful and hope it brings something positive to its owner. You can also swap the pendant for anything else you want with the lobster clasp.

The Om mantra is a sacred mantra known as the sound of the universe. The vibrations of the Om sound is said to energize all chakras and help one connect with their Divine Self. Om is said to be a direct expression of God, so it makes prayers more effective by increasing pranic energy.

Buddha Eyes are enriched with spiritual aura. The two eyes symbolize the eyes that see the material world, and are called the outer eyes. The third eye symbolizes the eye that sees the inner world, also called Dhamma, and is also known as the Eyes of Wisdom or the urna. The eyes of Buddha symbolize the all seeing ability of the Buddha. In Buddhism, it's believed a person is wise if they can see past the material world and see into wisdom, kindness and enlightenment. Buddha eyes remind us to see past greed, hatred and ignorance and not be blinded by our desires.

Elephants symbolize good luck, power and success all over the world. Since they are highly social animals, they also symbolize unity, loyalty and companionship. Elephants also can symbolize vitality and strength. In India, the Elephant God is worshipped before starting anything important since this god clears the way for wealth, health and prosperity.

I personally hand craft each piece, making them one of a kind and meaningful...Each piece is unique like we all are..


  • 8mm green crystal beads
  • 8mm Nepal agate beads
  • Colorful African beads
  • Handmade Nepal tube bead
  • Turquoise inlaid Om bead
  • Blue African Elephant bead
  • Buddha eye bead
  • 6mm yellow crystal beads
  • 3mm orange crystal beads
  • Silver color hematite spacers
  • 925 silver lobster clasp
  • Tibetan silver Om pendant
  • Necklace length 37" with 2" clasp and pendant

Handmade in the USA

The New Beginnings Necklace is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Dec 05, 2021