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Butterfly Bracelet Set - EBRU JEWELRY
Butterfly Bracelet Set - EBRU JEWELRY
Butterfly Bracelet Set - EBRU JEWELRY


Butterfly Bracelet Set

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The Butterfly Bracelet Set is a great addition to your unique style and is great for a bit of extra protection in your life. I combined green jasper beads with Nepal and Tibetan beads, a colorful butterfly bead and an evil eye charm for protection and good luck in this beautiful and lovingly handcrafted bracelet set. This set would make a perfect gift both for yourself or a loved one.

The Evil Eye is a prominent symbol in Turkish and many other cultures, and is highly protective. Evil Eye beads reflect ill intent and jealousy back to the person thinking of it, hence protecting the wearer. They also bring good luck and are often found hanging in houses, workplaces and cars. They're also often given as a gift to loved ones.

Jasper Stone is known as the Nurturing Stone. Having it in your life will feel like having a best friend by your side because it will sustain you during times of stress. It balances the yin and yang and encourages honesty with one's self. Jasper provides courage to tackle problems and helps with quick thinking. Shamanic traditions used this stone for power and protection. This stone also clears electromagnetic smog and stimulates the imagination.

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I personally hand craft each piece, making them one of a kind and meaningful...Each piece is unique like we all are..


  • Nepal Bone Beads
  • Green Jasper Beads
  • Tibetan Beads
  • Colorful Butterfly Bead
  • Silver Evil Eye Charm
  • Green Jasper Beads
  • White Large Nepal Beads.
  • Bracelet sizes 6.5"

Each bracelet is only one size as they are made to be one of a kind but I can adjust it for you if it's not suitable for your wrist.

Handmade in the US

The Butterfly Bracelet Set is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 27, 2021