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Black  Python Hamsa Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
Black  Python Hamsa Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
Black  Python Hamsa Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY
Black  Python Hamsa Necklace - EBRU JEWELRY


Black Python Hamsa Necklace

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Hey! Why the long face? Don't worry, I can make another one very similar to this one. Just click on the chat box on the right and talk to me.

The Black Python Hamsa Necklace is so bold and elegant. This gorgeous black necklace combines agate and lava rock beads with a large python and Swarovski hamsa pendant for a daring and stylish look and protection. This necklace would also layer beautifully with other Ebru Jewelry women's necklaces.

Agate is a very powerful crystal with many healing properties. It eliminates negativity, and cleanses & stabilizes your aura. Agate can boost your mental function, enhance your concentration and critical thinking skills and is therefore great for improving performance at work. It can also soothe and calm inner tension and anger, bringing the wearer a sense of safety and security.

Lava Rock Stone is wonderful for calming emotions. It comes from raw energy and they are oldest stones in the world. Many users of lava stone believe it grounds and stabilizes the root chakra because of the stone's strong connection with the earth. Lava Rock Stone helps the wearer to connect with Mother Earth. It provides guidance and understanding in complicated situations and dissipates anger.

Hamsa is an amulet that helps banish evil or any negative energy. Also, it's believed to bring happiness, luck and good fortune.

I personally hand craft each piece, making them one of a kind and meaningful...Each piece is unique like we all are..


  • Natural Black Lava Rock Stone Beads
  • Black & White Agate Stone Beads
  • Silver Hematite Spacers
  • Large Black Agate Stone Bead
  • Antique Silver Large Bead
  • Black&White Resin Beads
  • Python & Swarovski Crystals Leather Pie Horn Pendant With Black Swarovski Lobster Clasp

Handmade in the USA.

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Black Python Hamsa Necklace is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Oct 22, 2021